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VOvember, No Shave November Beard Brawl!



Thank you to everyone who participated in our Inaugural No Shave November, VOvember Beard Brawl benefiting Veteran Outdoors.  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate an incredible $10,500 to Veteran Outdoors.  Special thanks to Mesquite Creek Outfitters for generously allowing us to put the competition on in Georgetown’s Living Room.  Thanks also to Little Tim’s Barber Shop for donating the straight razor shave for our (unfortunate) club members who had to shave off their glorious beards.  Thank you to all our contestants who made videos, collected donations, and participated in this crazy idea we had to raise money for a good cause.  Thanks to Jason Jaybird Holloway for embodying the spirit that we envisioned when we were cooking up this harebrained scheme.  Thanks to Christy Fisher and Angela Pinkerton for having the courage (pretty ballsy of them) to be the only women to compete in our little beard-growing contest.  Thanks to Bailey Easterwood at Sugar N’ Stix Bakery for donating to fantastically creative cookies. Big shout out and thank you to Mikey V for humoring us when we wanted to make a video at his store and for bringing some heat to our contest by raffling off a mouthwatering assortment of his tasty hot sauce. And another big shout out to Angela Pinkerton and her company, Holistic Wellness and Primary Care, for not only being a contestant but for matching the cash donations made when we were announcing our winner.

Last, but certainly not least, special thanks to Bob Elliott and TOP Equipment for sponsoring our club and being ardent supporters of the things we try to do.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t say a special thank you to Peter and Brenda Hayes, who kicked off our VOvember Beard Brawl with a generous donation all because they wanted to see our very own Albert Padilla’s face underneath the scarf he had been growing for years. We could not have pulled this off without support from all of you.  Our sincerest thanks for showing up and being shining exemplars of the generous community spirit of Georgetown and Williamson County.