WilCo Strong lends a Helping Hand

Thanks to our supporters, Georgetown Beard Club’s WilCo Strong campaign has been more successful than we had hoped. Because of this, we were able to make an impactful donation to the people at Helping Hands of Georgetown. When we asked how far Helping Hands could stretch the donation, Rebecca Huggins, one of the directors of the charity told me that with our donation Helping Hands could:

  • Provide 34 nights of emergency housing for local families;
  • Purchase 85 bags of food for the Mobile Food Pantry – providing 85 local families 4-5 meals for one week.
  • Provide 850 brown bag meals for Helping Hands’ brown bag program

In addition to providing the services listed above, Helping Hands provides assistance with prescriptions (they have a great relationship with LoneStar), medical appointments, rent, utilities, and campsite rental for local transient citizens and so much more.

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