WilCo Strong

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.”  The internet tells me that quote comes from someone named Benet Wilson.  I don’t know who Benet Wilson is, and the sentiment seems to be derived from another common saying:  desperate times call for desperate measures.  But with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the government-mandated restrictions that have been put in place, we certainly find ourselves in extraordinary times.  And though our governor has already started loosening the restrictions placed on us, the reopening of the economy is not a magical cure for the damage that has been done.  Our friends and neighbors are hurting and it will take some time to recover what has been lost.  But I know we will get through this together because I know the type of people my Williamson County friends, family, and neighbors are.  They’re strong.  Not just strong, but #WilCoStrong. 

I know that WilCo Strong is a pretty generic slogan.  I’ve seen any number of YourCity_Strong or YourState_Strong campaigns in the past.  I’ve seen #BostonStrong after the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.  I’ve seen #HoustonStrong and #TexasStrong after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas Gulf Coast.  If I had to guess, I would say that it originated with the LiveStrong Foundation, an organization that strives to improve the lives of cancer survivors and those affected by cancer. 

It’s no surprise that the LiveStrong Foundation was founded in the heart of Texas because strong is what Texans are.  When put to the test, Texans rise up.  I know WilCo will rise up because that’s what we do.  You get knocked down seven times but you get up eight.  And that’s what WilCo Strong means to me.  It means helping our friends and neighbors who have been knocked down by these extraordinary times get back up.

And the Georgetown Beard Club wants to be part of that.  That’s why we are starting a WilCo Strong campaign. Please consider purchasing a WilCo Strong sign or making a donation.  Proceeds from our WilCo Strong campaign will be donated to local charities who provide personal protective equipment to frontline workers at risk of being exposed to COVID-19 as well as charities who provide food assistance to families in need.

To be clear, we at the Georgetown Beard Club are not laying claim to WilCo Strong.  WilCo Strong is much larger than us.  It is a sentiment and spirit of toughness as well as kindness embodied by the citizens of Williamson County, Texas.  From Liberty Hill to Thrall, Round Rock to Jarrell, and everything in between, we are all in this together.  And together we will lift each other up because we are all stronger together.  We hope you will join us.

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